Education and Training for Food Engineers

Education and Training for Food Engineers

The seminar is an opportunity to review the continuing shortage of engineers in the food industry and explore the wide range of solutions that the industry is developing from brand new food engineering apprenticeships at all levels to fulltime degree study programmes. The seminar will explore the vision for both bringing in new talent to developing the career aspirations of engineers whilst building the professional recognition of food engineers

Two major training initiatives are described one at Sheffield Hallam University sponsored by industry and the National Skills Academy which is establishing a new centre for excellence in the field and the other at the University of Lincoln, Holbeach campus which is undertaking major developments in the field and which has support of major manufacturing companies.

The two universities, supported by the National Skills Academy have now cooperated to create a joint course which will use the facilities of both groups and be of significant interest to the whole food manufacturing sector.

Presentations will also be given covering the Apprenticeship Levy and how Brexit is likely to effect the food industry.

The seminar will end with an open forum discussion on how best to provide the technical skills required by the industry if it is to maintain its current efficiency and technical excellence in the coming decade.

The Seminar will be of interest to food manufacturers and those who work in the total supply chain from food producers to retail outlets. The ready availability of a highly trained workforce is vital to allow the easy adoption of the 21st century technical innovation which is a concomitant increase in productivity, efficiency and economic return.

Attendance will be limited so early notification of attendance will be held by contacting Nasreen Akhtar