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Welcome to FMEG

The Food Manufacturing Engineering Group

Food Manufacturing Engineering Group is a Defra sponsored catalyst for the delivery of emerging technologies, best practice and research brokerage to the UK food sector. The group works to introduce and steer industry to adopt innovative engineering approaches, it realises the economic potential in partnership working and collaborating; by connecting industry with academia FMEG can help you to find solutions to meet current and future challenges.

Our workshops are the primary portal for the transfer of knowledge and give you direct contact with experts.

We are committed to the development of research opportunities, promoting new ideas and sharing practical solutions to challenges within the UK food manufacturing sector.

We provide you with the platform by giving you the opportunity to promote your business, in this evolving and competitive sector there is a an increasing need to acquire and share information.

You will gain key information on:

  • Strategic technical developments
  • Leading and cutting edge best practice techniques
  • Manufacturing solutions
  • Market trends
  • Research and funding opportunities

Engagement initiatives and stories of success

It is a key element of the FMEG to engage people, partners, industry, SME’s and academic institutions to foster the uptake of modern manufacturing procedures.

In this involving and competitive sector there is an increasing need to acquire and share information. The reward for the dissemination of technical information accelerates interest and stimulates discussion, it is the route which leads to the access of skills and expertise to meet objectives which will impact positively on your business.

Areas of discussion and expertise:

  • Extending logistic lines and growing competitive pressures
  • Measures to increase process efficiency
  • Impact and demand for food quality
  • Traceability
  • Product shelf life extension
  • Smart packaging
  • Energy and waste reduction
  • Water conservation
  • Environmental impact



Discover a diverse pool of people to build partnerships, collaborate and grow, share your ideas and promote your business.




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